There are many steps people can take to decrease blood pressure during May, which is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month. These steps include taking small walks every day, eating sufficient amounts of vegetables and fruits, and eating fish in lieu of red meat. However, another way to lower your risk of hypertension is to prevent gingivitis from developing further in your mouth. See our dentist in Brandon, FL if you are concerned about gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, because it could have adverse effects to your cardiovascular system.

Symptoms of Gingivitis

Gum disease sometimes remains asymptomatic for months, which is why it is so critical to see a dental professional once every six months. This disease begins as gingivitis and may progress to periodontitis without the proper care. With regular cleanings and a daily oral health regimen, any instance of periodontal disease is spotted before it escalates too far. However, some of the most common symptoms associated with gum disease include:

  • Loose teeth
  • Teeth moving apart from one another
  • Halitosis
  • Pus forming around teeth
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Tender or swollen gum tissue

Link Between Gum Disease and High Blood Pressure

Researchers have found that individuals with gingivitis are about twice as likely to have heart disease compared to people without gum problems. Scientists believe the two diseases are linked due to bacteria infecting the gum tissue, entering the bloodstream from the mouth, and traveling to the heart. This results in an increased risk of high blood pressure.

Available Treatments

Dr. Richard Assing is one dentist who is proficient with treating periodontal disease. You can even attain greater comfort with him because he uses the WaterLase® Dental Laser to remove diseased gum tissue. This item uses water and YSGG laser energy instead of drills to remove harmful bacteria. As a result, there is less pain and a quicker recovery period.

Our Office in Brandon, FL Is Here for You

Get your gums checked this May at Dr. Assing’s office in Brandon, FL. Schedule your appointment and we will be happy to get your gums back to perfect health.