If you’re looking to make the most of the fall season, it’s time to get those dental implants you’ve been thinking about since your last conversation with your periodontist. Missing teeth not only change the shape of your smile this fall, they can cause permanent changes you’ll notice in photos for years to come. Make the most of your fall smile by scheduling in an appointment to talk about your implant needs and the timeline to get them placed.

Advantages to Implants

Most patients who are considering implants for partial tooth replacements also have the option of using bride work to span the gap. Bridges provide patients a great looking smile, but they do have a couple disadvantages that have made implants more attractive for many patients:

·         Dental implants are permanent, bridges need to be replaced

·         The titanium anchors on implants make them stronger

·         Fast recovery times make both procedures comparable

Both will restore a natural-looking smile, but the fact that dental implants are anchored to your jaw helps keep gum line changes from affecting the look of your smile, because your teeth will stay in place. Patients with excessive gum and jawbone loss might not be candidates for dental implants right away, but there are treatment options to help them become candidates.

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Most patients who visit a periodontist are candidates for implants. Some might need additional procedures to help supplement lost gum and jaw tissue, but these issues are surmountable. Extreme tissue loss might result in a patient being disqualified, or conditions that would make a minor surgical procedure a high-risk scenario. Almost everyone else who needs replacements for missing teeth qualifies.

The only way you’ll know if dental implants are a great choice for you is by talking to a professional at one of our offices. Contact Dr. Assing of Brandon Complete Dental Care in Brandon, FL today during regular business hours to make a consultation appointment.