Thanksgiving is November 22nd this year, and you’re probably looking forward to visiting with family members and friends you haven’t seen in a while. If you’re looking for quick and effective ways to improve your appearance before the holiday arrives, you’re in luck. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most effective ways to brighten your smile and boost your self-esteem. It’s also a very quick procedure, which means you can have a noticeably more attractive smile in time for Thanksgiving celebrations.


What To Expect From the Process

Professional teeth whitening is different from at-home whitening with over-the-counter kits in a few key ways. Here are some of the benefits professional whitening from a skilled prosthodontist can offer:


·         Rapid results

·         Consistent outcomes

·         Minimal discomfort


Professional whitening products have a higher percentage of quality active ingredients than over-the-counter products. That’s why they deliver very rapid results. Most patients only need to visit their prosthodontist one or two times to get the shade of whiteness they want, while over-the-counter kits often take weeks or even months to deliver satisfactory results.


In addition to rapid results, professional teeth whitening offers consistent treatment outcomes. Custom trays are made to fit your mouth and ensure that the whitening agent comes in contact with all visible surfaces of your teeth. Whitening kits from the drug store are known to be ill-fitting and can deliver inconsistent results because the trays don’t touch all tooth surfaces evenly.


Finally, Drs. Richard and Brenton Assing use professional-grade products to make sure you’re comfortable during and after treatment. You won’t get this same assurance if you purchase drug store whitening kits that are known to increase tooth sensitivity and cause discomfort.


Schedule Your Appointment

Whitening your teeth for the holidays is a fun way to improve your appearance with minimal time and effort. To schedule your teeth whitening consultation with Drs. Assing, call Brandon Complete Dental Care.