It can be embarrassing to smile or talk to others when you have missing teeth, but did you know your oral health could also be negatively impacted by tooth loss? Here are three surprising ways missing teeth can impact your health, and why you may want to consider replacing your lost teeth with dental implants.


1.       Changes to Your Bite


When you lose a tooth, it’s natural for the teeth around the empty tooth socket to shift toward the gap. Over time, the shifting of your teeth can cause your top and bottom teeth to fit together unnaturally. Bite changes can make it more difficult to eat and can even cause strain on your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). To keep your bite the way it is now, it’s important to have your missing teeth replaced as quickly as possible.


2.       Bone Loss


Your jaw bone requires consistent stimulation to remain strong and healthy. Tooth roots provide stimulation to the jaw bone every time you bite down. When you lose a tooth and the roots are no longer there to stimulate bone growth, the jaw bone starts to weaken and degrade. The only tooth replacement option that can keep this from happening is dental implant placement. A dental implant post is placed directly in the jaw by a prosthodontist, where it promotes bone health through consistent stimulation of the bone tissue. Other tooth replacement options don’t provide this benefit because they aren’t implanted directly into the bone.


3.       Aesthetic Changes


In addition to causing physical changes in your mouth and jaw bone, tooth loss can also have a negative emotional impact. This is especially true if your missing teeth are located near the front of your mouth where they can be seen by others. Replacing your teeth with natural-looking dental implants can boost your confidence and give you a healthy sense of self-esteem.


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