X-Rays − Brandon, FL

Digital X-Rays

Brandon Complete Dental Care offers in-office digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are computer-generated images via a small electronic sensor. A picture of the tooth is instantaneously transmitted onto the monitor in the treatment room so we can see your teeth & surrounding structures immediately.

X-rays, also known as radiographs, have long been part of preventive care in dentistry. X-rays pass through the soft tissues of the face & mouth (lips, cheeks, etc.) & are absorbed by the hard material of teeth & bone. This allows the dentist to see potential oral health issues that may not be easily visible to the naked eye. X-rays are used primarily to find cavities, but dentists also use them to look at tooth roots, the health of bone surrounding the tooth, to assess possible periodontal (gum) disease problems & to keep track of development in younger patients.

The immediacy of digital x-rays allows the dentist to assess the health of your teeth & identify potential problems right away. Because the images from digital x-rays are available immediately, the dentist can also share these images with you while you’re still in the dental chair, allowing you to see & understand your oral health condition as the dentist explains it.

Digital Panoramic X-Rays

A digital panoramic x-ray is a 2-D scan that allows the dentist to see a computer-generated image of your entire mouth at once. The scan uses radiography (x-rays) to reveal the hard structures in your mouth (teeth & bone), which can help the dentist diagnose many dental conditions & plan treatments & dental restorations. Unlike traditional film-type x-rays, digital panoramic x-rays expose the patient to less radiation, do not involve placing films in the patient’s mouth & only take a few seconds to complete.

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